Top 10 Best Restaurants in South Africa


5. Restaurant Mosaic at The Orient (Elandsfontein, Pretoria)

Playful and passionate, chef Chantel Dartnall enchants with perfectly prepared dishes that reflect her personality. A meal at Restaurant Mosaic is one that can’t easily be duplicated.

Her impeccable plating is outdone only by the absolute deliciousness of the food. Every bite is layered with flavour, texture and even temperature. A piping-hot courgette velouté surrounding icy asparagus and fava-bean mousse is playful and perfect.

Another showstopper is the Irish scallop with maritime broth and pickled radishes, all infused at the table with lemongrass and seaweed. Autumn Leaves comprises beautiful 36-day-matured Angus beef with crispy sweetbreads, mushrooms, deep-fried celeriac leaves and cognac cream.


To end, the enchanting Recipe for Romance, which looks like a DIY cake (a bowl of flour, butter cubes, sugar, chocolate and an egg yolk), is anything but.

Restaurant Mosaic at The Orient_Alchemist Infusion - Saffron tortellin with hibiscus consommé

Alchemist Infusion: Saffron tortellini with hibiscus consomméat Restaurant Mosaic at The Orient. Photo by Jan Ras.

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