Top 10 Best Restaurants in South Africa


7. Greenhouse (Constantia, Cape Town)

Peter Tempelhoff displays a mastery of flavours, textures and plating in this Constantia haven. The food is beautifully plated without being so artsy that you feel you can’t touch it.

The menus, of which there are usually three, change seasonally. A starter of superbly fresh tuna with kelp, seaweed and tempura sea spaghetti sounds peculiar but is delicious, as is the very imaginative smoked goat’s feta with citrus endive and beet sorbet.

Another highlight is grilled squid and pickled octopus served with calamari-stuffed black ravioli and accents of olives, star anise and ginger. But the pièce de résistance is the Cape Malay kingklip with seafood bisque, cauliflower, blackened onion and sultana. A toffee-and-apple dessert with hazelnuts and meringue is deliciously rich, with cinnamon and sea salt to offset the richness.


Greenhouse_Madagascan chocolate with Ceres cherries, coconut mascarpone ice-cream and winter spiced rusk

Madagascan chocolate with Ceres cherries, coconut-mascarpone ice cream and winter-spiced rusk at Greenhouse. Photo by Jan Ras.

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