Top 10 Best Restaurants in South Africa


8. The Kitchen at Maison (Franschhoek)

A newcomer to this list, Arno Janse van Rensburg shows flair combining east, south and west in exciting small plates. The chef continues with his farm-to-plate philosophy with a delight in Asian flavours, but adds inspiration gained in South America.

Almost every dish is served on a small plate in a cross between tapas and a tasting-menu approach. Local trout is prepared ceviche style with blood orange and corn tortilla chips.

Duck breast is turned into prosciutto and served with gooseberries, spring onion and Sriracha. Desserts are also unusual. Dark chocolate mousse is served with segments of different oranges with delightfully crunchy deep-fried quinoa seeds. All quite different and quite delicious.

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The Kitchen at Maison_apple, miso, caramel

Apple, miso and caramel at The Kitchen at Maison. Photo by Jan Ras.

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