Top 10 Best Restaurants in South Africa


9. Foliage (Franschhoek)

King of foragers, Chris Erasmus tames wild ingredients for his innovative and earthy dishes. The chef has taken firm root at his own place, attracting a wildly enthusiastic audience from all over.

Foraging is the name of the game, with he and his staff often to be found in the hills around Franschhoek, collecting the bounty of the earth.

Flavours of sorrel and basil, forest mushrooms and wild herbs, river greens, nettles and pine rings are all used to brilliant effect. The natural theme is continued in slow smoking, charring, glazing and the use of free-range and pasture-fed meats and seafood.


The menu changes with the seasons, and often daily, but one might find dishes like braised kudu shank boudin and grilled springbok served with rich bonemarrow, river cress, mushrooms and wood sorrel.

Foliage_Warm salad of charcoal roasted beetroot, broccoli, sorrel yoghurt, 19 year old vinegar dressing

Warm salad of charcoal-roasted beetroot, broccoli, sorrel yoghurt and 19-year-old vinegar dressing at Foliage. Photo by Jan Ras.

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