eFundi: How to Access NWU Learning Management System

eFundi is the North-West University instance of Sakai, an open source Learning Management System (LMS), that provides NWU staff with the tools to support teaching, learning and research activities.

The system has so many features. In this post, we’ll learn about eFundi login, changing password and email, submiting your assignment and many more. First, let’s look at some key features of NWU Learning Management System.

Key features of eFundi

Here are some key features of NWU eFundi

Instruction: eFundi provides the opportunity to create and grade assignments using the Assignments tool; calculate, store and distribute grades to students in the Gradebook tool; Organize text, resources, quizzes, tests, assignments, media and other content using the Lesson tool; Post a summary outline of module requirements using the Syllabus tool; Create and manage online assessments in the Tests & Quizzes tool; and facilitate and grade online discussions in the Forums tool.

Communication & Collaboration: With tools such as Announcements, Calendar, Chat, Forums, Drop box, Messages, Podcasts, Polls, Wiki, Blog and Lessons, it is easy to keep communication channels with students open and allow students to collaborate and generate their own knowledge.

User features: eFundi gateway allows all users to connect with others with the same interests using the Connections feature. Users can now also personalise their experience by choosing their own navigation and updating their profiles. A permanent chat feature allows users to communicate across disciplines.

Site features: Create groups for communication, grading, permission, collaboration, assignments or assessment purposes. Customise your landing page for your module to welcome your students. Keep track of student activity on your site using the statistics tool. Manage your resources and users.

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