GDE Admissions : Step 3


A parent can apply using the following options: Home; Work; Sibling and Previous School (Previous School is for Grade 8 applications Only)

1. Home/Work address option – the system will provide schools closest to your home or work address

2. Sibling option – Applying to a school where your child has a sibling who is currently in Grade 1-6 and/or Grade 8-11. The sibling’s information will be required when this option is used.

3. Previous School Option – (Grade 8 application only)

The following options can also be used after the first application was made:

4. School of choice – Applying to a school of preference (NOTE: Applications that do not meet admissions criteria will be allocated a Waiting List B reference number)

5. Application to a School with a Specialised focus (SOS)

6. Application to a School with Boarding facility

Parent must complete all the required fields on the page

  • Select a learner
  • Select the Grade applying for in 2019 (Parent can only apply for Grade 1 or Grade 8)
  • Select one of the application options:
    • Address (home or work)
    • Sibling
    • Previous school

Address (home or work):

When a parent applies using Home/work option, the system will provide schools closest to the home or work address for parent to choose from Home and Work addresses can only be edited before an application is submitted


When a parent applies using the sibling option, the sibling details must be provided

Previous school:

When a parent applies using the previous school option, the name of the school where the learner is currently in Grade 7 must be provided

  • After completing the Application Page the parent must click “ Apply” to submit application
  • The parent will receive a Waiting List reference number (Confirmation that the application was submitted).

A Waiting List reference number with a confirmation note will appear on the screen

  • Parent can “Apply again” (Make an application to another school for the same learnr) or “Apply for another learner” (Enter details of another learner to apply for 2020)
  • Parents must note the 3 types of Waiting List Reference Numbers
    ▪ WA – Applicant qualifies for placement at the school applied to in terms of on the admissions criteria

▪ WB – Applicant does not qualify for placement at the school applied to in terms of the admissions criteria and should apply to a school where the waiting list will be WA
▪ WAB – The system cannot identify the address. In this case the school will calculate the distance from the address provided to the school to ensure that the learner is not disadvantaged

NOTE: Documents must be submitted within 7 school days after submitting an application: 20 May 2019 – 22 July 2019

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