How to Apply Online Unisa

How to Apply Online

Unisa has an online application portal which leads to different online application processes, depending on your level of study.

Apply to Unisa through a TVET College

Things to consider before applying:

  1. This application process is for non-degree programmes.
  2. Classes will be held at the TVET college.
  3. The programmes are primarily higher certificate qualifications offered at a number of TVET colleges.
  4. Once you have completed one of these qualifications, it could give you a better opportunity to qualify for one of Unisa’s degree programmes.


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  1. I was once a student at Namibia University of science and technology, I couldn’t graduate, so can I apply through Unisa with my academic record for the same course, I was doing public management??

  2. I would like to get more assistance to start a career, I do ve a senior certificate but not meet unirvesity requirements, I ve got national certificate in “Policing” and national certificate in “Resolving of crime” accredited by sasseta, can I get recognition to do “Law” alternative “forensic investigation course “??

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