Uwc iKamva

iKamva is an eLearning portal for the students of University of the Western Cape.

iKamva means ‘the future is now

How to log into iKamva

  1. Visit iKamva via: ikamva.uwc.ac.za/
  2. Log in with your username and password.
  3. Log out when you’re done.

iKamva android app

Students are able to access and view their online modules from any geographical space, where internet connectivity is available.

This first beta release of the iKamva app allows students to access their courses directly from their Android mobile devices.

The iKamva Android Application includes features such as:

  • iKamva Access: Users can gain access to their respective online courses (including, content, discussion forums and eAssessments) – from any geographical space via mobile devices.
  • Campus Map: Users are able to utilise the University of the Western Cape Map (UWC) application to view Faculties and Departments locations on campus.
  • Emergency Call: Users are able to make a direct call to the institution’s Campus Protection Service (CPS).
  • UWC Directories: Users are provided with a directory of contact details pertaining to UWC Departments and Faculties.

NB: In addition, UWC students are able to save content offline, allowing access to stored content – without internet connection.

**This mobile application is locally hosted at the University of Western Cape; and available (downloadable) – from the iKamva platform.

**The CIECT team will communicate any further upgrades and developments regarding the iKamva Android application.